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Rocky's Reef is a shop dedicated to bringing in some of the best marine aquarium livestock and supplies in the valley. We work side by side with Walkers Aquarium Service making Rocky's Reef your one stop shop for all your aquarium Needs.
We are ran by hobbyist for hobbyist with over 20 years of experience.

Not only do we hand pick from our suppliers we also propagate and grow corals in our systems, as well as trading and buying from hobbyists to assure you can find the hottest corals available.

We are located at 433 E. Keats
Suite 5 Fresno CA. 93710

ORA Green Birdsnest
Our Price: $15.00
Green Digi
Our Price: $10.00
ORA Purple Stylophora
Our Price: $29.00
Bali Green Slimer
Our Price: $39.00
Surf and Turf Acro
Our Price: $35.00
ORA Red Planet
Our Price: $49.00
Rocky's Tri Color
Our Price: $40.00
Blue Slimer
Our Price: $39.00
AquaSD Rainbow Milli
Our Price: $120.00
XXL Squamosa Clam
Our Price: $199.00